Teak Wood is a treat for the eyes. At the entrance of the freshly minted Thai restaurant in Logan Circle, near-life-size wooden statues stand guard. Farther into the dining room, handsome carved window frames, lighted from within, punctuate the room's curry-yellow walls. The high ceiling is periwinkle, suggesting an evening sky; beneath the resin gloss on the table is teak, reinforcing the restaurant's moniker.

By Tom Sietsema
From www.washingtonpost.com

Teak Wood’s two menus and upscale atmosphere truly set it apart from the various other Thai restaurants in the area. As you enter the newly opened, beautifully adorned restaurant, you’re greeted by a sleek Buddha statue carved out of none other than teak wood. While you enjoy a leisurely meal, relishing the traditional Thai plates like Red Curry with Chicken or the vegetarian options, such as the well-known Pad Thai; you’re surrounded by exquisite teak wood, ornate mirrors, splashing waterfalls made out of tree trunks and golden walls. Teak Wood also caters to those who wish to stop in for a quick bite. You can have a seat at their large sushi bar, choose from their basic or specialty rolls on the sushi menu and watch as the chefs prepare your food right in front of you.

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Hoffman Town Center
Alexandria, VA

Dupont Circle
Washington DC

Minimum Order for Deliveries $18
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