Kamatsuru Tokusei Gold
This "Kanmotsuru Tokusei Gold" is known as the first Daiginjo Sake ever produced and seen in the history of saké making in Japan. Elegant aroma with dry flavor, yet very rich and deep.
$ 16
Kuromatsu Hakushika Junmai Daiginjo
Great fragrance of fruity flavor, delicate sweetness, rolls down the throught smoothly with a gentle body.
$ 30
Kaguyahime Junmai
The main elements are the full aromas derived from marshmallows and yogurt. The mild sweetness blends well with a pleasant acidic edge.
$ 15
Hakushika Junmai Ginjo
Gentle taste with fresh fruity ginjo flavor, light on the pallet, goes down very smooth with a supressed sweetness.
$ 18
Korumatsu Hakushika (Warm Sake)
Rich body, Smooth on the tongue, rolls down the throat smoothly
$ 10
Genbei San No Oni Koroshi  
From Kyoto perfecture, Very famous traditional sake with smooth and dry taste; very popular among the younger crowds. “Genbei San it’s mean Demon Slayer”
$ 12
Hakushika  Fresh & Light
Cool and refreshing aroma, light and mild taste good for the beginner
$ 10
Korumatsu Hakushika Snow Beauty (Unfiltered Sake)
Rough filtered sake which we call “Nigori Sake” has pure original rice flavor with mellow end. Desireble captivates your taste senses.
$ 18
Japon (Junmai Sparkling Sake)
Brewed by Woman Sake Brew Master, This naturally light sparkling sake has very neat and clean fragrance with rounded apple and white grape flavor. Great Sake for before, during and or after meal! “ Riesling of Sake ”
$ 22
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