Green Salad

Mixed green salad with peanut sauce  dressing

Price $ 7.95
Garden Herb Rolls ( 2 Rolls )

Mixed vegetable with fresh basil rice noodle served with sweet peanut-chili dipping sauce

Price $ 6.95
Golden Triangle
Fried Bean curd served with sweet and sour sauce.  
Price $ 6.00
Price $ 5.50
Vegetable Soup

Mixed vegetable soup

Price $ 6.95
Veggie Tom Yum

Mixed vegetable in  hot and sour lemon grass soup

Price $ 6.25
Vegetable Curry

Mixed vegetable and fresh tofu in green or red or panang curry

Price $ 12.95
Basil Jae

Mixed vegetable and fried tofu stir-fried with fresh sweet basil leaves in our chili garlic sauce

Price $ 12.95
Teak Wood Eggplant

Sautéed oriental eggplant in spicy black bean basil sauce

Price $ 12.95
Pad Thai Jae

Mixed vegetable, egg, peanut and fried tofu stir-fried with rice noodle

Price $ 12.95
Drunken Noodle Jae

Mixed vegetable and fried tofu stir-fried with wide rice noodles and sweet basil leaves in  chili and garlic sauce

Price $ 12.95
Fried Rice Jae

Mixed vegetable, egg and fried tofu stir-fried with Jasmine rice, the Teak Wood  style

Price $ 12.95
Pad Vegetable

The Teak Wood  style sautéed mixed vegetables and fried tofu

Price $ 12.95
Panang Tofu

Our curry combined with coconut milk, basil and kaffir lime leaves

Price $ 12.95
Steamed Jasmine rice
Steamed noodle
$ 2.49
$ 2.49
Steamed broccoli
Steamed mixed vegetable
$ 3.99
$ 3.99
Mild Medium Hot
Minimum Order for Deliveries $18
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