Pineapple Fried Rice

Steamed Jasmine rice sautéed with shrimp, pineapple, cashew nuts, carrot, and scallion, served in pineapple shell

Price $ 18.95
Gra Prao Ped

Deep-fried Crispy boneless Duck with sweet basil in our chili garlic sauce

Extra piece of crispy duck for
$ 17.95
+ $ 10.99
Plaa Pow

Grilled whole rainbow trout, stuffed with Thai herbs and served with julienned mango and spicy dipping sauce

Price $ 17.95
Beef Sizzling

Sizzling beef served with ginger and onion on a hot plate

Price $ 16.95
Seafood Sizzling

Sizzling shrimps mussels squids and scallops served with green bean, red bell pepper, green bell pepper and Kaffir lime leaves on a hot plate

Price $ 19.95
Gang Ped Yang

Roasted Duck with red curry with pineapple and lychee

Price $ 15.95
Plaa Lad Prik

Fried fresh fillet flounder with chili basil sauce

Price $ 18.95
Plaa Neung Manao

Streamed fresh filet rockfish with lime - chili sauce

Price $ 17.95
Gang Massaman

Chicken with massaman curry, coconut milk, potatoes, onion and peanut

Price $ 14.95
Mild Medium Hot
Minimum Order for Deliveries $18
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